Guide to a West Hollywood Staycation

Guide to a West Hollywood Staycation

If you’re living in Los Angeles already, chances are you’re looking for some exotic vacation to leave behind the apartments for rent in West Hollywood. Before you shell out for a big trip, keep in mind there are plenty of great things to do in West Hollywood without having to leave. There quite a few activities that fall in line with clubs and the nightlife. But if that isn’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty of other great activities to keep you entertained.

The Art

For those with more refined tastes, the Pacific Design Center is the place to go. While it used to be little more than a glorified market for the wealthy, the Pacific Design Center has changed to become a great art destination for visitors and locals alike. Many artists use the complex to house their artwork, and the PDC’s galleries are sure to provide you with some artistic value in your staycation.

If you want an even greater level of art interest in your staycation, the Schindler House is a great place to visit for architecture appreciation. It was built and designed decades ago by an Austrian architect, and definitely provides an interesting destination for those looking for apartments for rent in West Hollywood.

The Music

If music is where your passion really lies, the Troubadour is the best place for you. This was the stage Elton John made his debut on in 1970 and it has also showcased Interpol, Joss Stone, and Franz Ferdinand when they were on the rise as popular new musicians. The views of the stage are great no matter where you are in the room, making Troubadour a great destination for the musically inclined.
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Further along the lines of the arts and creativity, you can satisfy your love of literature at Book Soup, a longstanding and well-loved bookstore in West Hollywood with a massive collection of approximately 60,000 titles to choose from. It’s a traditional favorite in the area.

The Activities

And of course there are always plenty of things to do on the world famous Sunset Strip, arguably the best part about West Hollywood. The place is chock full of things to do including a farmer’s market if you’d like to go shopping for healthy and interesting foods. A farmer’s market is almost always an interesting place to visit, often bearing unique products that can’t be found in usual grocery stores.

One way or another, if you’re looking to take a staycation in the area, there are plenty of apartments for rent in West Hollywood to serve as your base of operations. From West Hollywood you can find everything from the most enticing and alluring clubs to the most interesting and creative art galleries. You’ll have plenty of things to choose from if you’re not exactly sure what to do with your time there.

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