Best Ways to “Staycation” in Manhattan Beach

If you’re looking for a vacation to occupy your time, you’re probably considering going away somewhere exotic. You’re just forgetting one thing"¦you’re already living in a Manhattan Beach apartment! Why not have a staycation right near your beautiful Los Angeles area apartment? After all, the beautiful Los Angeles area has a ton of great sights within its borders, each more exciting than the last. But if you’re at a loss for what to do, Manhattan Beach is a great coastal city with a huge number of things to do in close proximity to your Manhattan Beach apartment.

Manhattan Beach Attractions

There are many, many attractions to visit near Manhattan Beach, providing something for everyone regardless of what their personal interests are. If you’re really into exercise or cycling, the Strand is a twenty two mile long trail that stretches across the majority of the Los Angeles west coastline. This is an amazing scenic stretch that will leave your breathless literally and figuratively. But you don’t have to cycle the whole length at one time. If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy the scenery of the beach and the ocean, the Manhattan Beach Pier is a great place to go.
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At the end of the Manhattan Beach Pier is the Roundhouse Aquarium: a quaint, small attraction that boasts many marine animal displays to catch the interest of those visiting the pier. Further inland is Sand Dune Park, an interesting visitor attraction that holds a number of very large sand dunes. Not exactly what you would expect out of a beachfront community, but it’s a great place for a little carefree fun, or even some great exercise if you’re down for exploring and climbing those sandy dunes.

For the relaxing scenery demographic, Veteran’s Walkway is a nice, remote little section of green that provides a great three and a half mile walkway to enjoy. Not many people are aware of this Manhattan Beach secret.

Poliwog Park is the largest park in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, and chock full of fun options. It has plenty of shaded play areas with swings, playgrounds, and many other structures for families to enjoy. It even has a nine-hole pitch and put golf course, several scenic gazebos, an exercise area, and an amphitheater for performances. This is a great place to spend your time if you’ve looking to get away from the beach activities that are common among most other Los Angeles apartment renters.

The Bottom Line

Either way, Manhattan Beach is a great place for your staycation. With a pristine beach and plenty of coastal attractions to go with it, this city has a ton of fun things for you to do. Enjoy all these attractions and more from any of the amazing Manhattan Beach apartments and your staycations will take care of the rest. Whether its beach fun, parks and trails with scenic views, or a night out on the town, don’t forget to use a free online rental application to apply for any properties you like.

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