Staycation Guide For Corona del Mar

Finding a place to have a staycation if you’re living in Los Angeles apartment is rough not because there aren’t enough options. It’s because there are actually too many. There are so many great places to choose from that it can actually be hard to determine which place you want to visit and what you should do with your free time. If you just need some more information on what things you can do in the area, read on below for some ideas to get you started near Corona del Mar apartments.


"a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions"

There are plenty of Corona del Mar apartments for rent. But in terms of staycation destinations, you’ll have access to pretty much every attraction worth visiting. For one, Corona del Mar is well known for its water. If you’re looking for a way to tour the beautiful waters of the city, you can go to Davey’s Locker. This is a great place to rent boats and organize a tour of the seas. You can also check out Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari, another tour agency. Here, you can find a charter to take you out onto the seas where you can see whales and other marine life.

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The Corona del Mar State Beach is also a popular attraction for visitors to the city. This beautiful beach is ideal for surfing, kite flying, volleyball, or simply walking and taking in the beautiful scenery. With plenty of sandy shores to walk on and beautiful water to interact with, the Corona del Mar State Beach is a favorite destination of all visitors to the city.

Another great place to visit for beautiful and serene scenery is Inspiration Point and Balboa Island. These locations provide astounding views of the ocean and the city itself, with peacefulness and serenity that is hard to match anywhere else in Corona del Mar. The Back Bay Loop Trail is another scenic route available if you’d like to take a walk instead.
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If you’d rather find an activity instead of walking around, the Wedge is a great place to go. Whether you enjoy surfing, boogie boarding, or skim boarding, there are waves for all activities. The Little Corona Del Mar Beach is a tiny little sliver of sand that is well-known for its tide pools, providing a great location to discover something new and interesting.

With plenty of Corona del Mar apartments available for rent, you can reach all of these attractions and more from a convenient location in the comfort of your own home. Corona del Mar has a beautiful beach and is a wonderful coastal city with numerous waterfront attractions that are sure to give you plenty to do during your "staycation". Corona del Mar is one of the ultimate beachfront locations if you plan on finding a beautiful ocean to spend your time in Los Angeles.

All you’ll need is a great apartment, and you’ll have free reign to tour Corona del Mar and all of its wonderful activities. If you’re looking for you next staycation opportunity in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, Corona del Mar is the best choice.

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