Living in Irvine for the Health-Conscious

Living in Irvine for the Health-Conscious

When looking for a place to live, future renters often consider amenities, cost, and location. But what many don’t consider is how their place of residence will affect their health. Thankfully, when looking for an area where you can concentrate on transforming into the healthiest version of yourself, apartments for rent in Los Angeles would be a great option. Irvine apartments in particular have much to offer those seeking to improve their health.
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Where to Look for Irvine Apartments

When looking for Irvine apartments, it’s important to look around for what that apartment location can offer you in terms of fitness, nutrition, and commute times. If you’re a gym rat and looking for an area where you can easily find some great work-out options, consider looking near the John Wayne Airport. In that area alone you will find more than a handful of top rated gyms that will be sure to get you "shredded". If you want to hone in a little more to that area, look for an apartment near the Irvine Business Complex which is where you will find the most gyms in the closest vicinity. A hidden bonus beside the Complex is the Diamond Jamboree. The Diamond Jamboree is where you will find plenty of Asian based restaurants with a few clothing stores as well. (Pro Tip: An Asian diet has been proven in many studies to be one of the healthiest diets in the world. So check out Asian restaurants on your cheat day so you can have fun while still keeping your diet on track).While on the subject of food, keep in mind that just south of the airport are three well-run community gardens. With airports nearby, gyms, quality food and shops to treat yourself with, this might be the best area to look first for your Irvine apartment.

Renting Near UC Irvine

But if you would like to be in a less metropolitan area with more organic choices, you may want to look into places near the University of California Irvine. A fun fact: in any city near a university or school, there is a much higher concentration of public transportation options. It is actually pretty common for many people to not own a car, so grabbing a place near a well populated school area could be a big help. UC Irvine is also surrounded by some great health conscious grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. The University is also placed near by William R Mason Regional Park, a three hundred and forty acre park that will provide you with a multitude of outdoor activities or just a great place to take a morning stroll. This is a great benefit for Los Angeles apartment renters to keep in mind if they have children or pets.

Finding the perfect Irvine apartment can be overwhelming especially if you are taking into account how it will affect your health. But with a neighborhood full of parks, gyms, open minded food establishments and all located in one of the most health conscious states in America, you can be sure you’re in the right place. So take a deep breath and start looking!

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