6 Ways To Stay Healthy and Active In Los Angeles

6 Ways To Stay Healthy and Active In Los Angeles

Just because the summer beach season is coming to a close, that’s no excuse to slack on your regular exercise. Keeping healthy and fit all-year round is important to lead a high quality life. Plus, you won’t have to scramble next year around April to start toning up! But the key to staying active is finding something you enjoy doing. Otherwise, exercise becomes a chore and you won’t do it. There are plenty of ways to stay healthy and active in L.A. Here are a few fun ideas for getting out and active in Los Angeles.

  1. Hike Los Angeles and the Nearby Santa Monica Mountains
  2. Los Angeles is surrounded by fun and energizing hikes. There are some of the more popular hikes such as Runyon Canyon or the hike to the Hollywood Sign. These popular destinations offer stunning views of the city from some of the most iconic vantage points. If you’re looking for something more off-the-beaten-path, head into Malibu or the Santa Monica mountains instead. The Solstice Canyon hike is right off Pacific Coast highway and ends at a waterfall. You can catch a shorter hike at Point Dume to see panoramic views of the ocean. Be sure to make a stop by the visitor center on the corner of Mulholland Highway and Malibu Canyon Road to speak with a ranger and to pick up some maps of the area.
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  3. Bike Santa Monica
  4. There are more and more bike lanes and bike paths being built in L.A. Bike rentals in Santa Monica have become more and more inexpensive and popular. It’s a great way to exercise and is an environmentally friendly way to get around. Why not spend a Sunday taking a ride down to the beach or along the boardwalk? L.A is notorious for horrible traffic so hopping on a bike may actually save you time!
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  5. Go for a Beach Walk on Zuma or Manhattan Beach
  6. Walking on soft sand is a really good workout; it’s also an incredibly uplifting way of exercising. Try going at dusk or dawn for a magical view and more private setting. Zuma beach has miles of beach that you can walk along. Alternatively, you can stop by Manhattan beach or Santa Monica to take in the sights and get some exercise.
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  7. Swim and Surf at Venice Beach or Malibu Lagoon
  8. Surfing and swimming many not be a year round option but it should certainly be on your list of ways to stay active in L.A. Pick up a wetsuit to stay warm and get out there into the waves. Venice and Zuma can be good swimming options, but be wary of rip currents. Malibu Lagoon is also a world-famous spot for catching the perfect wave.
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  9. Do Yoga in Downtown Los Angeles
  10. Doing yoga in a class or an individual practice at home is a great way to keep your body moving and toned. There are numerous classes and yoga studios in Los Angeles, and there are also some fantastic free online classes for you to take. Grab a mat and get going. You don’t have to be an expert. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Yoga increases strength, flexibility, and for those of us who lead stressful lives, is a great way to calm the body and mind.

  11. Join a Local Gym
  12. There are thousands of gyms to choose from in L.A. It is after-all a city where many people are making a living from how they look. You can find discount rates for students and there are gyms for women only. Some gyms even specialize in specific activities such as boxing or weight training. Pick one close to where you live and make it a habit to go frequently and you’ll start seeing positive results.

    No matter what activity you decide to choose, try to stick with it. The more you can make a good habit out of exercise, the more results you will see and the more fun you’ll have. Los Angeles is unique in that the weather is nice all year round. Take advantage of this by getting outside and enjoying yourself!

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