Teams With Pepperdine’s Chinese Student Scholar Association to Take on Student Housing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA - June 22, 2016

peperdine Chinese student scholar association
The Pepperdine Chinese Student Scholar Association (CSSA) and have solidified a partnership to assist the underserved Chinese student population with finding apartments in Los Angeles. There are over 40,000 international Chinese students at any given time in the greater Los Angeles area.

When students from China are accepted to universities in Los Angeles, there are many questions that need answering. One main purpose of the CSSA is as a resource for students who will relocate abroad. The association provides vital information for students ranging from how to get a car, to understanding the local laws and customs. One huge component to a successful transition is, of course, where students can live.

Each area of Los Angeles has its nuances. It can be a real hassle f0r students to secure housing from overseas when there are language barriers, time zone differences, and unfamiliarity with the culture. This is a major reason why the Pepperdine CSSA is now officially referring its students to use assists students in finding housing for free. The website has a housing form that collects housing preferences from students before they arrive to Los Angeles. From here, the team communicates with students in their native language. As the move-in date approaches, students are given a list of options that meet their criteria. Once the student selects an option they like, will facilitate communication in order to get a lease signed with the landlord.

The incoming students benefit greatly from this inside information coming from students who have previously been in their shoes. Student are made aware of reasonable rent prices for certain areas, travel distances to their school, and what attractions to enjoy in the area. does not limit their service to only Chinese students coming to Pepperdine. The company assists students of any nationality, and covers schools all over Los Angeles. has an exclusive relationship with UCLA, and regularly assists students from UCI, CSUN, and USC.

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