to Team with the Micro Enterprise Program to Help Shed Light on LA’s Homeless Situation to Team with the Micro Enterprise Program to Help Shed Light on LA’s Homeless Situation

Los Angeles, CA - July 5th, 2016

microenterprise los angeles normally puts its efforts toward finding apartment rentals for the more well-off citizens of Los Angeles. But what about the other side? There are countless individuals who are unable to afford adequate housing. The Micro Enterprise Program works tirelessly to assist underprivileged individuals of Los Angeles get back on track. The two organizations will cooperate to increase awareness and help the homeless population.

The Micro Enterprise Program has built a program for shelter residents to develop their entrepreneurial and business skills. The "entrepreneurs" come up with an idea for a business and are assigned a team of business student mentors who walk them through the process of creating a business plan. By the end of the program, the residents will leave with a full-fledged business plan and the tools they will need to launch the business. More importantly, they will have a polished resume, cover letter, and interview skills to help advance their careers.

"Aside from teaching professional skills, another focus of the Micro Enterprise Program is to show the world that many of the homeless are capable of functioning at a very high level", said Keith Obilana, Program Director. "A great number of homeless are at the mercy of a difficult situation that they had no control over and just need a boost to get back on their feet." will work with Keith and the Micro Enterprise Program to create documentary video content showing the invaluable assistance that the Program provides for many individuals. Particular emphasis will be on the ways each entrepreneur has had to overcome countless challenges to build a successful business. also hopes to help the individual entrepreneurs by promoting their products, some of which are related to home decor. These products will soon be available on an e-commerce platform, with plans in place for a brick-and-mortar retail location also in the works.

"Building awareness for the Micro Enterprise Program will be an extremely worthwhile way for us to utilize our resources" said Paul Sirisuphang, Co-Founder of "In lieu of traditional marketing strategy, promoting the Program can have a far-reaching societal benefit that also works to build our brand."

Additionally, Paul is collaborating with Keith and using his marketing expertise to help build the e-commerce website that will sell the entrepreneurs’ products.


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