Pepperdine University Officially Endorses for Students Looking for Off-Campus Housing

Pepperdine University Officially Endorses for Students Looking for Off-Campus Housing

Los Angeles, CA - June 27, 2016
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Pepperdine University has recently announced that it will be listing as a preferred resource for students who are in search of off-campus housing and Los Angeles apartments.

All three of’s co-founders graduated in April 2016 from Pepperdine’s MBA program. During the course of their education at Pepperdine, they conceived the idea and laid the foundation to start the company. Once they graduated and launched the company, it was only natural that Pepperdine would be one of the company’s biggest supporters.

"Students attending Pepperdine can benefit greatly from using our service" said Michael Lucarelli, one of the company Co-Founders. "As former students of the school, we have an intimate knowledge of the area and the challenges that students face trying to strike a balance between location and budget. It can be extremely difficult to find an apartment in Los Angeles compared to other parts of the country."

Pepperdine University’s promotion means get listed at the top of an off-campus housing flyer that is distributed to all incoming students.

When students visit, they can fill out a simple inquiry containing all their rental information. Once receives this criteria, they reach out personally to each student to gather more information. Eventually, the company provides each student with a personalized list of housing options that best matches their criteria. Once the student selects their favorite property, will facilitate communication between the student and the landlord assist in the lease-signing process. takes the guess work out of the apartment search process for students who are unfamiliar with the area. The company also assists students from all over Los Angeles, including students from UCLA, UCI, and USC.

At the end of 2016, will expand to assist all types of Los Angeles apartment renters by utilizing an innovative Universal Application and soft-credit inquiry.

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