What to Look for in a Pet Friendly Apartment

What to Look for in a Pet Friendly Apartment

Be as Close To a Park as Possible

Having an apartment located near a park ensures that not only are your dog’s lifestyle requirements met, more importantly, it also helps secure your own sanity. A park near your apartment helps blind you to your furry roommates annoying ticks, like using your bed as their personal master bathroom or terrorizing your throw pillows. It will also make your apartment more pet friendly. Let’s face it, things can be difficult sharing a 500 square foot apartment with someone who doesn’t bathe regularly. So having a nearby space to meet neighbors, grab fresh air, or get in some exercise can truly be a lifesaver. Living near a park not only upgrades your renting experience, it also guarantees a stronger, and much more stable relationship with your four-legged family member.

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Have a Strong Relationship With the Landlord

This tip works across the board for all your renting experiences; kiss the landlord’s bottom. Bring him cookies, help carry groceries. Lock down a cordial relationship with your landlord, and the next time you ask for a favor, it won’t seem like you’re asking him for his right arm. The landlord can truly make or break your renting experience, so ensuring he’ll take your side is a must. The first step, is not lying about your pet’s residential status. Warning him that you have a dog is always a major key to success 🔑. Next, make sure your dog or cat fits the criteria of the apartment policy. Often times apartment buildings discriminate against dogs depending on their body type. For example larger dogs, so make sure your baby Delilah, the 150 mastiff, is welcomed beforehand.

Be Aware of Neighbors

Trust me, there’s no worse way to start your loving neighborly relationships than with passive aggressive wall-pounding competition. Unlucky is he/she who encounters the detrimental door-to-door, face-to-face confrontation. It can’t be easy sharing a wall, but who really needs that kind of warped aggression in their lives? Save your own time and patience, and don’t be the neighbor you would hate having. Playing your harmonica while your dog wails along at 2 am, is never courteous, obvious stuff like that. You’re an adult in your own apartment, be a responsible neighbor. Having a pet only adds to your responsibility. Treat your pet like the family member it is and be acutely aware of all its behaviors that drive you nuts (because it absolutely has already driven everyone else beyond insane). Maybe even enlighten your neighbors on a few ways to calm your pet, how to handle it in an emergency, or how to stop the barking.

Guarantee that your Dog is Potty Trained 🔑

There is no argument here, I mean, why NOT potty train your pet? Having an un-potty trained puppy negatively affects you more than anyone. So do it, there’s nothing worse than your mother-in-law walking in to see your pet answering nature’s call on the quilt she gifted you. Plus, living in an apartment that smells like pee sounds miserable. If your pet still needs to be potty trained, thankfully it’s the 21st century and there are tons of products to help. One of the best on the market is freshpatch.com. Freshpatch offers the ability to order fresh grass to your apartment, so your city centered dog can call on nature when nature calls. I know my dog wouldn’t have made it through puberty without it.

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