Short Term Housing Options: LA Edition

Short Term Housing Options: LA Edition

There is no shortage of people looking for apartments to rent in Los Angeles, but the hectic and ever-changing real estate market can present extra challenges for renters only looking to occupy the space for a short period of time. If people are in between homes, visiting the city or spending a few months here for work, chances are they do not want to sign extensive leases tying them to units. This is where short-term housing becomes practical.

People often think short-term housing means living in an extended stay hotel. Although that can be a viable option for some, it isn’t the only choice. Short-term housing could mean renting a room, renting a space in someone else’s home or renting an apartment in Los Angeles. Areas throughout Southern California have been adjusting to the up-and-coming short-term rental market, and although some cities have created restrictions, tenants still have choices.

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There are a plethora of services renters can use to help them find apartments in Los Angeles that can serve as their "home away from home" for a short time. Some of the services you can utilize to initiate your temporary housing search include:

1.Check Short-Term Rental Websites

Websites like Airbnb and even Craigslist can be useful to find short-term housing options and apartments in Los Angeles. Airbnb provides a more well-rounded search option for potential renters, while Craigslist is a little more limited. Renters can search for possible housing based on location, costs and the length of their stay. They also can search based on whether or not they want to rent a single private room, a shared room or the entire property. If renters are simply traveling through the city and want to opt for something other than traditional accommodations, they could search for hosts on

2.Search for a Someone in Need of a Roommate

For those who have lived in Los Angeles a while or have connections to the city, this could be the best place to start. You could begin your search by reaching out on your own social media networks, asking friends if they or someone they know would need a temporary roommate. This could help put you in touch with someone looking to split rent and other costs, saving you some money associated with apartments in Los Angeles. If you don’t mind living with someone you do not know, you could also reach out to others in the area via Reddit.

3.Sublet From Another Renter or Owner

Subletting always is an easy way to find apartments in Los Angeles, but the process could take a little time. You have to be sure the apartment meets all of your criteria, such as price and location, but also can be available for the time you need without extra fees and hidden costs. Websites like can help you narrow your short-term housing search. If you do plan to sublet, be sure the actual owner has consented and all parties have signed documents agreeing to the terms. This could help you avoid confusion or legal troubles later.

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4.Corporate Housing

People who travel to the city for work may not want to deal with the cumbersome task of finding apartments for rent in Los Angeles. Instead, corporate housing might be suitable. This option typically costs a little more than others, but for those pressed for time, it could be the easiest. Websites like and can help potential renters narrow their search based on price and location, even within a particular zip code.

5.Check Extended Stay Hotels

This options is likely the least desirable, but depending on the amount of time you plan to live in the city, the amenities you desire and the location you want, this could be something to consider. Extended stay hotels are trusty places to stay if you have a limited time to search or if you only plan to live in the city a short time. This could work best for those traveling for work, visiting family or those skeptical to rent from privately-owned apartments in Los Angeles.

When you begin your short-term housing search, you should consider the costs of apartments for rent in Los Angeles, the location or neighborhood you desire and the lifestyle you want to live. All of these factors can help you determine which temporary housing option may be best for you and how you can easily seek out new digs.

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