Why You Should Consider Renting A House Over An Apartment

Why You Should Consider Renting A House Over An Apartment

There are a number of clear reasons why people prefer renting an apartment over renting a house in Los Angeles.

Apartments typically seem easier (at first glance):

There is no maintenance to worry about, and they’re normally bundled with attractive amenities such as a fitness center or pool.

But many people fail to realize that renting a house in Los Angeles can also offer these benefits and much more. Houses can be a flexible option that has all the benefits of an apartment with none of the downside.

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Here’s what makes renting a house a better option and why you should consider renting a house in Los Angeles the next time you move:

Space. In the majority of cases, renting a house means larger interior and outdoor spaces than you would find when renting an apartment. Houses often have more bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as separate living, dining and entertaining areas. This is a huge plus when considering moving in with your family or other roommates, as a house can offer greater living space.

Everyone loves having more space. Why cram you and all your stuff into a small rental apartment? You can rent a spacious house for a comparable price.

Privacy. Let’s face it, privacy is something that an apartment cannot offer the same way a house can. There are too many shared spaces, shared walls and neighbors on all sides to have true privacy. This issue can be compounded if your apartment happens to have thin walls. If this is the case, you better be a heavy sleeper or hope your neighbors don’t snore too loudly.

In a house however, you will have the luxury of being the only tenant(s) on the property, and there is the option of moving into a more secluded location if you like. You can’t do that in an apartment. You can usually have some space away from neighbors and you may even be lucky enough to have a secluded yard where you can spend time outdoors away from prying eyes.

Pets. In Los Angeles it’s difficult to find an apartment that will accept a pet, and even more difficult to find someone willing to rent you a place if you have a pet over 20 pounds. It is often easier to find a house to rent because of the yard. The yard is a space for the pet(s) to enjoy, and apartment buildings generally don’t have enclosed spaces for pets to freely enjoy.

Parking. Los Angeles is a town of cars, so chances are you will need parking for not only yourself but also for your guests/partner/family. If you own multiple vehicles or entertain a lot at home, a house is a better option as they tend to include private parking for multiple vehicles. Many even have garages and plentiful street parking.

Neighborhood. Renting a house in Los Angeles instead of an apartment gives you the opportunity to live in a more suburban neighborhood where there is often better access to schools, parks, and other community facilities. Community is such an important part of how we live, and a good neighborhood and neighbors can add great value to a home. Nothing can match the feeling of community that you get from living in a house.

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