5 Slick Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

5 Slick Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

If you know anything about Los Angeles apartments, you know very few people can actually afford a spacious apartment. Sometimes what you want simply doesn’t align with your budget. If you are having a similar issue, here are a few ways to combat the lack of space and make your Los Angeles apartment feel much bigger than it actually is. As an added bonus, you’re sure to get many compliments on your efficient design and planning!

1.Opt for light paint colors for the walls and floors

Oftentimes darker paint colors can make a room or space feel small and cramped. Choosing light paint colors for the walls and light materials for the floors will make the room feel light, bright, and open.

2.Choose furniture that is multi-functional

The more space saving, the better. A simple way to accomplish this is to buy furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, you may find a bookshelf that can fold down into a desk when you need it to. Another great option is switching to a murphy bed. These seemingly normal beds fold up into your wall when not in use and can turn your bedroom into a spacious office or living area during the day. Having pieces that are multi-functional will make your apartment much more efficient.

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3.Invest in furniture with built-in storage

It is nearly impossible to find a Los Angeles apartment with enough storage space. If you could afford this, you would be in a larger, more expensive apartment with plenty of room to spare. But since that’s not the case for most of us, where are you supposed to put your holiday decorations, outdoor gear, and old files? Try to purchase furniture that has built-in storage, whether it’s an ottoman that opens with storage inside or a bed with drawers beneath it. The beauty of these pieces is that they maximize the dead space inside furniture that’s not normally used for anything.

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4.Hang curtains from ceiling to floor

Okay, not literally. But an easy way to make your Los Angeles apartment seem more spacious is to mount your curtain rod above the top of the window frame and allow the curtains to flow all the way to the floor. This draws the eye up and down and makes the room feel more open. The room will seem taller and more luxurious. The same thing applies here with color palette. Opt for lighter color curtains to allow in maximum light.

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5.Select furniture that matches the scale of your apartment

A general rule is, the more breathing room you leave for your furniture, the better. For example, if you have a couch with visible legs, it contributes to the feeling of an open and airy space. Additionally, the space will feel less cramped if you leave space between the piece and the wall.

The main thing to focus on is purchasing furniture that is suitable for the space you have. For instance, a large bulky bed frame can make a moderately sized bedroom feel much smaller than it actually is. Avoid this common mistake by purchasing pieces that are appropriately sized for the space at hand.

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